E-News - June 2012

E-News - June 2012 




Key Message on Attachment:
A Revised Edition
When your baby cries or shows other signs of worry or distress, he is communicating his discomfort to you. If you react quickly to your infant needs by being loving and caring, he will feel more trusting and more secure with you. This is the basis of attachment. This emotional bond is essential to become a well-rounded individual.
To learn more on Attachment, a topic recently updated by Dr. Marinus van IJzendoorn, read the experts’ texts and the synthesis in the Encyclopedia.      

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A newly updated topic 

Temperament refers to individual characteristics that determine the individual’s affective, attentional and motor responses in various situations. For example, temperament can affect young children’s mood and emotions, how they approach and react to situations, their level of fear, frustration, sadness and discomfort. These responses also play a role in subsequent social interactions and social functioning.
~ Topic updated by Mary K. Rothbart, PhD, Topic Editor

To learn more, consult the complete folder on Temperament.
Two Key messages already exist on this topic:
We are grateful to The Lawson Foundation for its financial support of this revised edition of the Key message on Attachment and for funding the update of the topic on Temperament. 


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