e-News - February 2, 2012


E-News - February 2, 2012



Divorce/Separation & Emotions

Two New Key Messages for Parents


Did you know that the amount of time divorced or separated parents each spend with their children does not influence their development in the long term? What matters is that you collaborate as parents, both love your children and be involved in their care, education and discipline to the extend you can.

Divorce and separation - Key messages

Divorce and separation:
Paying attention to your child’s needs



Fear, anger and joy are some of the first emotions babies express. Around 30 months of age, children start to show embarrassment, guilt or pride. When children understand and can deal with these various emotions, they have “emotional competence.” This should help them to do well in school and engage in positive relationships with other children and family members.

Emotions in children - Key messages

Helping your child identify and
express feelings



Encyclopedia on Early Childhood DevelopmentTo learn more on Divorce and separation and Emotions, read the experts’ texts in the Encyclopedia.

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We are grateful to The Lawson Foundation (Divorce and separation) and to the Margaret & Wallace McCain Family Foundation (Emotions) for their financial contributions to produce these Key Messages



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