Monitoring Network on Early Child Development

Monitoring ECD

In partnership with the Council for Early Child Development (Vancouver) and the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development (Montreal),
the SKC-ECD is leading the Monitoring Network. This Network aims at:

  • providing a collective space for those interested in monitoring the ECD to work together towards a common vision,
  • acting as a forum for experts on various monitoring tools and processes to guide the composition of a comprehensive monitoring framework and
  • disseminating information about monitoring tools and processes.

Monitoring report: The World's Best Infrastructure for Child Development Statistics in Canada


Inventory of Pregnancy and Birth Cohort studies


The Strategic Knowledge Cluster on Early Childhood Development (SKC-ECD), in partnership with the Maternal, Infant, Child and Youth Research Network (MICYRN) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), has compiled an Inventory of Pregnancy and Birth Cohort studies in Canada. The inventory lists Canadian cohort studies that are completed, ongoing, or in development. It provides detailed information on the content and design of such studies, and compares features amongst studies to facilitate both national and international comparisons. This initial version provides information on over 45 studies.  

For a complete description of these tables, as well as more information on the rationale behind the inventory and its objectives, please visit:

For more information on the inventory, please contact Pierre Turcotte by phone at 613-941-0946 or by email



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