Ready for School? Ready for Life?

Ready for School? Ready for Life?

School Readiness and School Success: from Research to Policy and Practice

November 12-13, 2009 - Hôtel Château Laurier Québec,
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada


Segment 1: Theory and basic research


Investing in our Future: Fostering Educational Success by Promoting School Readiness - Karen Bierman

The Contribution of Socio-Behavioral Functioning and Related Social Experiences in Kindergarten to Later School Success - Frank Vitaro

A Longitudinal Study of the Role of School Readiness in School Adjustment at the Start of Schooling - Michel Boivin


Segment 2: Determinants of school readiness


Early Language Skills and Reading Acquisition - Ginette Dionne

Child Care Services and School Readiness: How Strong is the Link? (In French only) - Sylvana Côté

Within Family Differences in Preschool Children’s School readiness: The Role of Shared and Non-Shared Family Dynamics - Jennifer Jenkins


Segment 3: Research evidence on best practices


Cognitive Control and Self-Regulation in Young Children: Ways to Improve them and Why - Adele Diamond

Leveling the Playing Field: Promoting Readiness to Learn among Economically Disadvantaged Preschoolers with the REDI Program - Karen Bierman

Early Mathematical Development in Sociocultural Context - Prentice Starkey

Better Beginnings, Better Futures: A Comprehensive, Community-Based Prevention Program to Facilitate Successful Transition to Primary School and Beyond - Ray DeV. Peters

Preventing School Difficulties by Maximizing Academic and Social Learning in the Early Years: The Fluppy Program - François Poulin

The ABC’s, 123’s and Do-Re-Mi’s of our School Readiness Conference: What We’ve Heard: Implications for Policy, Government, and the Public Good 
- Rob Santos


Segment 4: Best practices and programs


Workshop A: LearningGames: Stimulating Early Childhood Development & Empowering Families - Kimberly Sparling Meunier

Workshop B: What Makes the Better Beginnings, Better Futures Program work? What Else do we Need to Maximize Early Childhood Development? Policy Implications for Canada - Ray DeV. Peters

Workshop C: Cancelled

Workshop D: Tools of the Mind Developing Self-Regulation by Developing Intention Make Believe Play - Deborah Leong

Workshop E: The Fluppy Multimodal Program: Kindergarten and First Grade Interventions for Preventing Violence and School Dropout - France Capuano

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